Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros

Apple’s Vision Pro, the company’s first mixed-reality headset, was launched on Feb. 2, 2024, with much fanfare and hype. The device, which costs $3,500, promises to deliver immersive and interactive experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds.However, not everyone is impressed by the Vision Pro. According to sources at retail stores, some of Apple’s most loyal customers are returning the device within the two-week return period, citing various reasons such as comfort, headache, eye strain, lack of apps, and price. In this article, we will explore why some Apple fans are dissatisfied with the Vision Pro, and what this means for the future of Apple and mixed-reality technology.

Why are Apple fans returning their Vision Pros?

The Vision Pro is a groundbreaking device that uses advanced sensors, cameras, and displays to create realistic and responsive 3D environments that overlay the real world. Users can interact with these environments using hand gestures, voice commands, and a touchpad controller.

However, the Vision Pro also has some drawbacks that make it less appealing for some users. Some of the common complaints are:

  • Comfort: The Vision Pro is a bulky and heavy device that weighs 380 grams. It can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, especially for users who wear glasses or have smaller heads. Some users also report that the device causes pressure on their nose and forehead, and leaves marks on their face.
  • Headache and eye strain: The Vision Pro has a narrow field of view of 50 degrees, which means that users have to move their head a lot to see the full scene. This can cause headache and eye strain, especially for users who are prone to motion sickness or have sensitive eyes. Some users also report that the device causes glare and ghosting effects, which reduce the image quality and immersion.
  • Lack of apps: The Vision Pro has a limited number of apps available at launch, mostly from Apple and its partners. Some of the apps include Maps, Photos, Safari, Music, TV, Arcade, Fitness, and News. However, some users find these apps boring, repetitive, or irrelevant for mixed-reality. They also complain that the device lacks social and gaming apps, which are more popular and engaging for mixed-reality.
  • Price: The Vision Pro is one of the most expensive consumer devices ever made by Apple. It costs $3,500 for the base model, which has 128 GB of storage and a battery life of 3 hours. The higher-end models, which have 256 GB or 512 GB of storage and a battery life of 4 hours, cost $4,000 and $4,500 respectively. Some users find these prices too high for a device that is still in its early stages and has limited functionality and content.

What does this mean for Apple and mixed-reality?

The Vision Pro is a bold and ambitious product that showcases Apple’s innovation and vision for the future of computing. It is also a risky and experimental product that challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries of technology.

The fact that some Apple fans are returning their Vision Pros does not mean that the device is a failure or that mixed-reality is a fad. It means that the device is not perfect and that mixed-reality is still evolving.

Apple is known for its ability to improve and refine its products over time, based on user feedback and market demand. The company is likely to release a second-generation Vision Pro in the next 18 months, which will address some of the issues and limitations of the current model. The company is also likely to expand its app ecosystem and developer support, which will increase the variety and quality of content and experiences for the device.

Mixed-reality is a nascent and disruptive technology that has the potential to transform the way we work, learn, play, and communicate. It is also a complex and challenging technology that requires a lot of research, development, and experimentation. It will take time and effort for mixed-reality to mature and reach mass adoption, but it will also create new opportunities and possibilities for users and creators.

The Vision Pro is a remarkable device that offers a glimpse into the future of mixed-reality. However, it is also a flawed device that does not meet the expectations and needs of some users. Some Apple fans are returning their Vision Pros, but this does not mean that they are giving up on Apple or mixed-reality. It means that they are waiting for a better and more affordable device that will deliver the ultimate mixed-reality experience.