Transforming Normal Cameras into an AI Cameras
Through the integration of cloud computing, edge computing, and advanced AI image analysis technology, we empower the automation and enhancement of traditional manual processes while reinforcing security protocols in surveillance and security camera systems. This is our commitment!

Solving these issues

Managing multi-type Diverse Surveillance and Security Camera Systems We provide a centralized management solution for a wide range of surveillance and security camera systems.

Integrating AI into Existing Camera Systems Our specialized AI solution seamlessly integrates with your current camera system to enhance its capabilities.

Enhancing Camera Video Security We prioritize boosting the security of your camera video feeds to ensure the most protection.

What you can do with
Smart Camera Solution

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    Centralized management of a wide variety of security cameras

    When setting up a surveillance/security camera system, it's common to incrementally add cameras as needed. As the camera count grows, choices are made based on factors like price, required performance, and convenience. These systems can be highly diverse, managed separately, and are prone to various incidents.Ensuring ongoing security for the existing camera setup poses a challenge, specifically regarding centralized management. SCS offers a solution capable of simultaneously centralizing the control of 64 surveillance and security cameras of different types.

    ・It supports multiple communication protocols: IPv4, IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SRTP
    ・Compatible with the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standard
    ・Variable layout for simultaneous 64-streaming of images from surveillance and security camera systems

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    Change general camera to AI camera

    Through the integration of SCS (Smart Camera Solution), your conventional cameras can be upgraded to AI cameras.
    With deep learning algorithms, AI cameras can solve the following problems. By converting your standard cameras into AI cameras, you can unlock a wide range of capabilities that go beyond traditional surveillance and monitoring. These AI-enhanced cameras can provide valuable insights, automation, and enhanced security for various industries and applications.

    Object Detection

    People Counting

    Item Identification

    Face Recognition

    Motion Detection

    License Plate Recognition

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    Improve Video Streaming Security

    Utilizing Deep Security's strong encryption, we ensure top video stream security for sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access and interception.

Demo video


Security and Surveillance

Real-time Proactive Monitoring

Detect intrusions, fence crossings, lost property, and potential fires, sending alerts in real-time to enhance security.

Smart Parking

Control vehicle access, identify free parking spaces, and monitor vehicle movement for efficient parking management.

Object Recognition

Utilize facial recognition and object identification, including license plate detection, for comprehensive surveillance.

Boundary Protection

Differentiate between people, vehicles, and other objects to minimize false alarms and identify genuine threats.

Home use

Active Child Protection

Secure dangerous areas like kitchens and pools by receiving alerts when children enter these zones.

Fall Detection

Immediate detection and warning of falls due to blood pressure or heart disease.

Sales and Marketing

Customer Traffic Statistics

Collect customer traffic data automatically, manually, or by customer to inform business decisions.

Customer Gender/Age Verification

Propose products and services based on customer demographics and statistical insights.

Purchasing Behavior Analysis

Analyze customer purchasing patterns using heat maps for effective marketing strategies.

Identify VIP/Quality Customers

Create customer profiles and conduct data analysis using SQL to identify valuable customers.

Queue Management

Implement a queue management system for efficient cash register waiting and shopping experiences.

Application to Companies/Enterprises/Factories

Attendance Timing System

Manage employee attendance with facial recognition and attendance tracking.

Defective Product Detection

Identify and detect defects in production lines for quality control.

Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring

Detect non-compliance with safety gear like helmets, masks, and uniforms among employees.

Abnormal Behavior Detection

Detect and respond to abnormal behaviors, such as accidents, within the workplace.