Solving these issues

Time-consuming collection of sales lists.

Impeding core activities such as telemarketing, email sales, and field sales.

Data duplication across multiple departments or teams.

Automatically create customer segments based on data sources and lead attributes.

What you can do with Sales Pusher


Function for Lead Information Registration

Register lead information with flexibility using automatic, manual, or CSV import methods.


Function for Customer Attribute Classification

Automatically classify customers by tagging them based on data source and lead attributes.


Function for Data Acquisition Destination Setting

Set data acquisition locations flexibly according to lead attributes after configuring the data acquisition site.


Function for Schedule Configuration

Easily schedule web crawling activities by specifying dates, days of the week, hours, and more.


Function Data Extraction Reporting

Visualize collected data for easy analysis and reporting.


Automated Operations

Automate tasks such as filling out forms, checking boxes, and clicking buttons on designated websites


File Downloads

Download various file types, including PDFs, Excel files, and images.



Receive email notifications based on specific conditions, such as detecting keywords on websites or changes in target content.

Use example

It can be used in various business scenes other than lead acquisition

Price Survey

Gather competitors' product information, including images, categories, brands, product descriptions, sale details, points, inventory, colors, etc.

Market Research for Real Estate

Collect property data from real estate websites to determine optimal rent, purchase/selling prices for brokerage, and use as proposals for clients.

Review Collection

Collect word-of-mouth and review data about both competitors and your own products, services, and facilities from EC sites and SNS. Utilize this data for product company insights.

Image Collection

Gather product images from EC sites and SNS. Analyze trends, detect trademark misuse, investigate reputation exposure, and ensure rule compliance by associating images with hashtags, comments, and image processing results.

Company Research

Collect company data from profiles and job listings on company websites. Offer sales lists for lead generation and real-time matching data for financial institutions.

Article Clipping

Retrieve news articles, IR data, and press releases globally from the web. Deliver tailored news, from economic updates to industry-specific information like healthcare and the latest SDGs trends.

Research data

Provide data to research institutes, research firms, and government agencies. Offer annotated datasets essential for image and natural language processing, and support statistical indicator creation for governmental agencies.

Web Service Integration

Link data for web applications and services through APIs designed for each service's usage requirements.

Global market research

Conduct web surveys in emerging countries like China and India, as well as European and American markets, to support manufacturers and trading companies in their global market research efforts.