LINE Official Account Management Service
LINE Official Account Management Service
Requirements details


  • Line API
  • Laravel
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • Websocket
  • ElasticSearch

Project size

  • 40 man-months

Job Content

  • Responsible for all design, development, infrastructure and maintenance
Business Overview

Using the LINE API, it is a system that manages and automates LINE official accounts and the information of users who are friends with those accounts.

In LINE official account operations, it solves the following challenges:
✔︎ Friend management
- Manually inputting information obtained from another form into the tool
- Wanting user information to be automatically reflected in customer information
- Not knowing what kind of users are registered
- Difficult to grasp and manage user situations
- Difficult to share who has handled what
- Wanting to send segmented messages on LINE
- Wanting to categorize friends into more specific groups
- Wanting to change delivery content according to user types and attributes

✔︎ Step delivery
- Poor response to step emails
- Wanting to do step delivery on LINE
- Wanting more personalized step delivery
- Wanting to be able to send automated reminders
- Wanting to send LINE messages separated by user attributes
- Wanting to prevent an increase in block counts after sending to everyone
- Increasing message volume and delivery costs in overall distribution

✔︎ Auto-reply
- Difficulties in responding to email inquiries
- Unable to keep up with LINE chat replies
- Taking time for common inquiry responses
- Wanting to change delivery content based on user actions

Main functions:

  • Friend list management
  • Talk management
  • Message delivery (12 types of message settings available)
  • Step delivery (create scenarios for message delivery)
  • Auto-reply settings
  • Survey management
  • Friend information management
  • Message template management
  • Tag settings
  • Rich menu management
  • Media management (managing uploaded images and videos)
  • Account management
  • Notifications
  • Others