Health Points App
Health Points App
Requirements details


  • Ruby on Rails
  • iOS (Swift)
  • Android (Kotlin)
  • Core Motion
  • Google Fit
  • FCM
  • Path Tracking
  • Google Map SDK
  • Graph
  • QR Code Reading
  • Web Socket
  • Elasticache
  • Elasticsearch

Project size

  • 28 man-months

Job Content

  • Health & Fitness App
Business Overview

Municipality and Corporate Health Promotion App
This is an app that supports health management from both exercise and diet perspectives, aimed at municipalities and businesses. It automatically measures activities such as walking and cycling, allows you to record weight, meals, and health checkups. Moreover, you can earn points by participating in events like Walk Rallies within the app and use these points to enter prize draws or redeem rewards.

Key Features

  • Main Screen
    Here, you can view today's acquired points and scroll horizontally to see cumulative points. Tapping on it allows you to check point history. The feed section below provides information on today's activity and announcements from the administration. You can also input your weight once a week and register for health checkups once a month directly from the main screen.
  • My Page
    You can check the changes in your height, weight, and activity levels over different time periods, along with your personal information. Profile settings can be modified from the button in the top right corner.
  • Group Function
    This feature allows you to create new groups or join existing ones. You can create groups with friends, family, colleagues, and others to track each other's earned points and more.
  • Ranking Function
    You can check rankings within the app participants in categories such as walking (average steps per month), cycling (average distance per month), and points (total points earned per month).
  • Activity History
    You can review your daily activity history categorized by walking, cycling, staying, and transportation. Additionally, you can edit your activity history by tapping "Edit" in each record.
  • Walk Rally
    Earn points by participating in events and check-ins.